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About Us

Our dedicated team has over a decade of experience in VoIP/Telecom systems, as well as 10+ years experience in business operations. With a shared vision for clear communication and business efficiency our two specialties have been combined into one.

Traverse Telecom - All your communication needs in one place.


Traverse Telecom has pioneered the art of providing cloud-facilitated VoIP services such as VoIP telephony, PBX, Toll-free Number, Call Center solutions and much more for individuals, as well as all business organiza-tions large and small. For a full list of all the services we offer click here.

We are Global

While Traverse Telecom Headquarters are in Ontario Canada, we connect to more than 100+ countries within our business structure. Through our Four Data Centers: two in Canada, one in the United Kingdom and the other based in the United States, we deliver our services globally offering a service wherever you are in the World and in any time zone.

24/7 Service

Traverse Telecom provides the highest level of service. We not only provide you with an array of varied features and services such as; Hosted PBX, Call Center solutions, VoIP telephony and toll-free numbers but we also provide you with 24/7 customer support - meaning your business is never off-line.

Our Mission

Traverse Telecom aspires to provide complete VoIP and hosted PBX solutions to a worldwide audience. Offering accessibility of these services to everyone is our purpose.

We deliver the highest level of service at a competitive price by providing the most innovative and forward thinking ideas and features to our partners.

We strongly believe in the idea, “Clear Communication 24/7”, which is why we offer state of the art feature-sets in VoIP telephony to all of our partners. Backing it up with our first class 24/7 Customer Support, our goal is to achieve 100% Customer satisfaction.

We will provide you with seamless connectivity for all your communication requirements without ever compromising on the quality of the service we provide.

Our Mission
Our Vision

Our Vision

Traverse Telecom aims to change the future of the VoIP and telephony industry. We want to be known and recognized for our innovations and high level of customer service and support. We actively promote innovation and we believe in launching new technology and systems only when they meet the high standards we adhere to. We actively monitor trends in order to remain at the forefront of the communications industry.

With changes in industry and commerce, we excel at delivering the very best for our partners through creating open and adaptable business forms. Traverse Telecom aims to offer connection to everyone in every Country. Allowing people to run and grow their businesses while keeping the center of their communication strategy clear, easy and in one place.

Traverse Telecom - All your communication needs in one place.

Why Choose Us

Data and Communication Technology has become a critical core requirement for the World, as we know it. It has also become complex with fast-changing patterns and the emergence of constant connected systems. These are the challenges that need to be met. Managing and supporting Customer expectations is key to success and it is usually a struggle to ensure that IT frameworks can keep pace with the business as it grows. Traverse Telecom utilize our experience and knowledge by creating solutions across all platforms backed by exceptional Customer Service. We can offer the tools to help you. Traverse Telecom is a forward thinking, innovative technology company focused on the future of Communication.

Elite Network

Traverse Telecom is a network of more than 150 countries connected through the latest IP and Cloud-based communication systems. Our services are designed to suit the needs of customers from all sectors varying from the on-demand needs of a small to medium enterprise to the comprehensive 24/7 service needs of VoIP dependent enterprises. Fast and hassle-free communication channels are a critical requirement for modern businesses to succeed.

Hub of Services

Our services cover all elements of VoIP starting from domestic business telephony right through to the Hosted PBX, call center solutions and complex call management solutions with reporting applications. We offer a variety of support solutions including formal e-mail support to interactive live chats and call sessions. We offer the support you need when you need it.

End to End Solutions

Traverse Telecom has been a fiercely competitive in the field of communication and technology for over 10 years. Traverse Telecom has always been able to meet the demands of our customers and the demands of the market. These solutions are based on industry standards and our experience in providing solutions that fit the clients' requirements. Traverse Telecom provides a single portal for all VoIP solutions catering from domestic users, call centers, data centers and larger corporations.

Experience Matters

We are a leading developer of software solutions for call centers. For over 10 years, Traverse Telecom has been developing and improving its communication solutions, while providing support services to our partners.

Your Choice of Individual Platforms

As a unique service, we offer our partners the ability to choose their platform. We provide APIs and interfaces for various devices so whether you are sitting in your office monitoring it on your desktop, wanting control from your personal laptop, to keeping up with your workload via your smart phone whilst on the move; we have got you covered.

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