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Voice Broadcast

Voice broadcasting is a process to rapidly communicate pre-recorded phone messages to your clients, customers, partners and even employees. We provide an API for voice broadcasting through which you can access all the numbers in your database and broadcast you voice calls, to all your contacts or a particular group or the contacts you select depending on your choice.

Our voice broadcasting devices are advanced enough to detect response by answering machines and in such cases they can deliver a pre-recorded message with details such as contact details for further enquiry. At Traverse Telecom you will have complete control over our ‘Text to Voice’ software enabling you to personalize your communications.

Using our Voice broadcasting facility will help you to increase efficiency and maximise direct contact with all users.

Voice Broadcast Plan Details

Basic Plan

One time Setup charge $50


Buy Now
Features Included
Press 1 routing campaign
Auto Campaign Scheduling
Manual controllable campaign
200 channels by default
Customizable IVR
Multiple Campaigns
Time Zone Controller
Real - Time Reporting
DNC Management
Interactive Dashboard
Ability to upload Voice file
Ability to upload data sheet
***All transactions will be processed in US Dollars only***

For any customized requirements, Please Call - 1-888-409-0626

Voice Broadcasting – Common Uses

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