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Here we provide answers to all your technical and billing related queries. Find answers to all your VoIP, toll free number, and virtual phone number related questions.

Getting Started

What is Traverse Telecom?

Traverse Telecom is a global giant in the field of telephony. We have been successfully Bridging people from more than 100 countries for over a decade by using the latest technology and the highest level of Customer Service.

How to Sign Up at Traverse Telecom?

Visit Traverse Telecom, Click on the “Sign Up” button on displayed on the navigation menu and fill all the mandatory details to Sign Up.

How to Sign In at Traverse Telecom?

Visit Traverse Telecom homepage, click on sign in displayed on the right side of the navigation bar, fill in your username and password to sign in.

What services do you offer on Traverse Telecom?

 We provide services like VoIP, Toll-free numbers, and Virtual phone numbers on our site. We provide IP telephony services for 120+ countries around the world.

How can I contact your business?

Checkout our Connect with us page if you wish to contact us.


Are there any restrictions on the unlimited plan?

The unlimited plan has a restriction of 4000 calling minutes per month per channel.

Can I buy a vanity phone number from Traverse Telecom?

Yes, you can! We provide vanity business numbers of over 100+ countries.

Can I forward incoming calls to multiple phone numbers?

Yes, you can forward your incoming calls to multiple numbers using simultaneous ringing.

Do you guys provide IVR?

We provide Interactive Voice Response(IVR) with every VoIP or toll-free number plan of ours.

Do you guys provide any kind of discount?

You can contact our customer support team to enquire about ongoing discounts.

Do you guys require ID proof while buying a VoIP or Toll free number plan?

Yes, ID verification is necessary. You can submit your Passport, Driver's License, or National Identity card as proof.

How long does it take to activate my account?

We activate your account as soon as you complete the registration process.

Can I use my personal plan for commercial purposes?

No, the commercial use of any personal or individual plan will result in immediate suspension.

Can I cancel my Traverse Telecom account at any time?

If there’s no outstanding charge on your account, you can cancel your account anytime you wish.

My account is not opening, is it canceled?

If you have not received any cancellation mail from Traverse Telecom then your account has not been canceled yet.

Do you guys provide number portability?

Yes, we do offer number portability. We charge a one-time fee of $50 per number if you wish to bring your number to Traverse Telecom.

What are your outbound/inbound calling charges?

You can check our outbound/inbound calling charges from here.

Do you guys provide premium VoIP routes?

Yes, you can check our premium route VoIP plans from our VoIP page.

Do you guys provide call recording services?

You can activate call recording on your account for an additional amount of $10/month.


Do you guys accept American Express card on your site?

No, we don’t accept American Express cards.

Do you guys provide technical customer support?

Yes, we provide 24x7 customer support on our website in the form of live chat and email support.

What currency do you guys support on your website?

All the payments are received in US dollars. You can use Google to convert your country’s currency to US dollars.

Do you guys have any early cancellation policy?

You can cancel your plan at any time you want. We will refund the unused amount from your account.

What happens in case of a billing dispute?

In case of any billing dispute, the Customer shall notify Traverse Telecom of such billing dispute by completing and submitting a "Billing Dispute Ticket".

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept Visa/Master debit and credit cards.

How do I review my billing activity?

You can review your billing activity from our webmaster dashboard.



VoIP aka Voice over Internet protocol is the method of delivering voice communications and multimedia over the Internet protocol.

Toll Free Numbers

A toll free number is a free to call number where the charges are incurred for arriving calls. The person dialing the number is doesn’t get charged for making the call.

Virtual phone number

A virtual number aka a DID number is a telephone number not directly associated with any telephone line.

Call forwarding

Call forwarding, also known as call diversion is the technology used to redirect incoming calls to a different destination.


Interactive Voice Response is an information system that directly interacts with humans using voice messages and DTMF inputs via a keypad.

VoIP Termination

VoIP termination refers to the procedure of routing calls from one phone line to another until the call is received.


Auto Attendant is a voice menu that allows the caller to be directly transferred to the desired extension or department without a receptionist or telephone operator acting as a mediator.

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