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Virtual Phone Number For Your Business - International DID

Direct Inward Dialing (DID) allows you to segment your telephony traffic by directly assigning a personal number to each employee/department within the organization without the requirement for a physical phone. Using DID saves time for your callers by giving a direct line of communication with the appropriate member of staff reducing the load on the company switchboard operator or automated attendant.

International DID Plan Details

United States

Monthly Recurring


Annual Billing



Features Included  
One Time Setup $8
Minutes Unlimited
Channels Included  2
Additional Channel One Time Setup Price $18
Additional Channel Price $22

Hd Voice/Secure Voice
Easy to Use UI included
24x7 Service Support
Mobile And Desktop Apps
Auto Attendant
IVR (Configurable Using GUI)
Seamless Termination(99.99% Uptime)
Call Waiting
Call Forwarding*** On Demand
Sms Solution On Demand
Concurrent Calls
Dedicated Account Manager

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In case your organization has lots of departments or teams segregated for handling various works and you need to get the calls transferred to them directly so that no time is wasted from transferring a call from one department to the other, you can opt for customized plans with your demands for additional channels and DID numbers.

We can provide you customized plans with up to 4 channels and features such as

Call Forwarding

If you have a lot of partnering companies to whom you forward the call of the clients on the priority set by you, you will need more minutes, which we will provide you in the customized plans.

SMS Solution

We also provide you with customized SMS solutions in case you need to send broadcast messages to either your clients or partner organizations.

***All transactions will be processed in US Dollars only***

For Additional Channel request, any Customized Plans or More than 50 Users
Please Call - 1-888-326-4003

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Buy International DID Number Today!

Get your first DID number today and experience seamless call connectivity worldwide

  • Buy your first virtual DID number
  • Transparent pricing for all International DID plans
  • 24x7 customer support available
  • Additional features like call waiting, IVR, call forwarding
  • Activation takes less than 60 seconds
Make your Customer a priority

DID helps your client feel prioritized and helps you create stronger, long-term relationships. The caller doesn’t have to stay on hold for minutes; they can call you directly without going through the main company contact number or IVR.

We also provide you with the power of customized greetings adding further value and flexibility to your communications pipeline.

Local Number

As well as giving you the power to connect internationally, we let you appear local by providing domestic numbers with area codes specific to the region you are operating in. Domestic presence strengthens trust. Local numbers will go a long way in giving you a commercial advantage over your competition. Purchasing new DID numbers is just a few clicks away so staff additions can be handled quickly, allowing them to get to work immediately.

On Hold Music

Nobody likes to remain on hold and most callers see being on hold as a negative. Keeping a caller on hold is unavoidable in a busy organization so we feature Music on Hold to alleviate the wait, keeping the caller more relaxed.

Follow me

As the name suggests, Follow Me is a feature, which lets the Hosted PBX follow you wherever you go and even while on the go. If you have a need to stay connected while on vacation, or while travelling, our Follow me feature provides you with the perfect solution. Follow Me transfers the calls or messages from your office phone extension to your personal phone. Rather than simple call forwarding though, Follow Me allows you to make calls that will appear to come from the number you would be using while at the office. Incoming voicemails and messages can also be sent to your email address if required.

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