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Call Conferencing

Call Conferencing, as the name suggests is one more service of Traverse Telecom that lets you save much of your time and money, both of which are an important factor for any enterprise. The corporate world of today takes more than just one to one interactions. There are scenarios when more than two parties are involved and in such cases call conferencing is the best solution. For instance when you have to deal with your customer on one end and your partner organizations on the other end or your technical team on end and your management team on the other, both the three parties could be connected together and communicate with each other efficiently. We support not just 3 but more than 50 participants together at a time.

Call Conferencing

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Conference Price : $3,253
Available : Yes
Duration extension price* : $99.99
Features Included  
Local Number
PIN based Entry
CLI Based Entry Also Available
Mute Participant
Kick Out Participant
Dial In
Dial Out**
HD Enabled Voice
Custom Welcome Message
Real Time GUI
Reminder Notifications
Customises Thank You Message At End
24*7 Support
Dedicated Conference Manager
***All transactions will be processed in US Dollars only***

For more than 10 participants, Please Call - 1-888-409-0626

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Call conferencing with partners all over the globe

Traverse Telecom cares about time… your time. Our clients and customers are located Worldwide and so time becomes even more critical when planning communications. Our Call conferencing feature is designed to make multi national communication simple. Our service is available 24/7 and clients can conference call at any time that meets the needs of the invitees. We provide the local numbers of many countries, so instead of making an International call, while at the conference, your customer can merely call on to their local number and only pay their local call charges.

Some of the more features of Call Conferencing are

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