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Cost Effective VoIP Plans For You

Switch to our premium VoIP plans and enjoy seamless voice quality on all international calls.

  • Buy VoIP plans online
  • Phone numbers with best voice quality
  • All countries VoIP plans at affordable rates
  • Includes: Call waiting, call forwarding, call routing and IVR
  • Easy setup, easy to use, activation within 60 seconds
***Subject to availability***
***All transactions will be processed in US Dollars only***

For any customized requirements, Please Call - 1-888-409-0626

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Pay as you go

Now only pay when you call.

One Vendor, Multiple Solutions

One vendor to fulfill all your telecommunication needs.

Clear Voice quality

Now experience crystal clear Voice quality while calling.

Cost Effective

VoIP is the ultimate cost-effective solution to all your calling needs.

24x7 Customer Support

24x7 customer support for all our customers

99.99% Uptime

Experience 0 downtime with our Traverse Telecom Combo plans

Advantages of VoIP over traditional Telephony
Traditional Phone Services
Spend thousands of dollars for the setup and maintenance of on-site hardware
Desktop Handsets required

High International call costs

Expansion and scalability is cost prohibitive

Limited business features and services for which you will bear added costs for customization
No expensive hardware required. Start saving instantly

Softphone functionality via your PC – No need for desktop handsets, just a compatible headset and you’re good to go
Purchase any of our plans at a very competitive rates and start calling Nationally and Internationally for free
User configurable. Need another extension? No need to call out an engineer; just a few clicks via your admin panel, by your staff and it’s done
Within our plans you receive a variety of standard features and services; call conferencing, routing, DND, music on hold and many more

Benefits of Using VoIP


Unlike a traditional telephone system, VoIP allows you to connect with your customers and partners based anywhere on the globe. You don’t need to stay at your desk 24/7. On the move or resting at home, just connect seamlessly using any device connected to the Internet


The number of physical phones that can be added to a private network or a Private Box Exchange (PBX) depends on the number of lines available within the system but with a VoIP network there are no limitations. We can just increase the available bandwidth and add thousands of phone numbers.


Other than making phone calls, there’s a bulk of features that can be used for smart handling of your customers, ranging from call conferencing, call forwarding, video calling, call routing to voicemail, hosted IVR, music on hold, DND. These features add an extra dimension to the basic framework of just making phone calls and allow you to be fully in control.

Economical/ Pocket-friendly

Making long distance phone calls or international calls, VoIP calls are incomparable when it comes to cost. Without the hassle of setting up an on-premises system, it also reduces the CAPEX liability for your business

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