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Terms & Conditions

Section 1: Definition and Introduction

1.1 These terms of use (the "Terms of Services" or TOS) is a binding agreement which governs the use of ("the Website") and all of its features / plans / packages jointly referred to as the "Services" by the end-user herein called "the Customer", "user", "you", "your" and / or words denoting the same meaning. Please read the Terms of Services carefully before you sign-up or use the services. If you do not agree to these Terms of Services, you may not log in to the website or use the services provided by it. By signing up or by availing the services, you signify your acceptance to the Terms of Services and Privacy Policy (being hereby incorporated by reference herein) which takes effect on the date on which you start using the Website or any of its services, and creates a legally binding arrangement to abide by the same.

1.2 The services are offered and owned by Traverse Telecom Inc. (hereinafter referred to as "Traverse Telecom", "Traverse", "Team Traverse", "provider", "we", "us" or "our") a company registered in Ontario, Canada in 2018

1.3 We reserve the right to change the Terms of Services and Privacy Policy at any time without posting changes on the Website. You shall, at all times, be responsible for regularly reviewing the Terms of Usage and the Privacy Policy and notice the changes made on the Website. Your continued usage of the services after any change is made, constitutes your acceptance of the amended Terms of Services and Privacy Policy.

1.4 All parties named herein agree to be bound by the terms of this agreement for the lifetime of this agreement and the customer cannot transfer his rights and/or obligations without prior written consent from us.

Section 2: Services

2.1 The services consist primarily of Voice over Internet Protocol services, which may be offered by us in a variety of forms and packages (each being a "Service" and collectively being the "Services"). The Service(s) shall consist of a combination of software solutions, products, networks, services and hosting facilities.

2.2 Services are provided on monthly basis with various packages according to the requirements and are charged in a recurring nature monthly or yearly as chosen by you while purchasing the package. To avail the plans it is necessary to provide a valid payment mode as the charges get automatically deducted from the provided payment option until the cancellation for the renewal of the plan is notified prior to the billing date of that particular month. Any change in the payment mode should be notified to the company, failure to comply with the same or use of an illegal method to make payment can lead to the termination of the services without any notification to the customer.

2.3 The Service provided by us falls under VoIP telephony and not traditional telephone services. So you must acknowledge the fact that these calls will be regulated by other regulatory norms different from those controlling the traditional telephone systems which may affect your rights in front of telecom regulating agencies or organization.

2.4 The Company does not maintain an extra database for backup of any voicemails, messages, voice greetings or any kind of data exchanged and once Use lost the company holds no liability towards those data and it may or may not provide backup depending on the availability of those data.

2.5 The customer should at the time of installation test the services and should keep testing from time to time to ensure that the services are functioning as expected, failing to do so you yourself will be solely responsible for any loss or damage.

2.6 The Services doesn’t function in case of power failure and the Services won’t function until power is restored. The equipment will need to be reset or reconfigured. Power disruptions or failures will also prevent you from making calls to emergency service numbers.

Section 3: Payment

3.1 At the very beginning of each cycle of the purchased plan( Monthly/Quarterly/Semi-Annually/Annually), we deduct the amount from your debit/credit card(s) and if you don’t have sufficient credit balance, we will suspend your account until service payment has been made and sufficient balance is there to incur the charges of any extra usage.

3.2 We reserve the right to suspend or cancel any account and repossess or reassign any of the phone number(s), without prior notice, in case of failure of payment or any violation of any of the norms of the agreement.

3.3 In case you have exhausted up to 90 % of the calling minutes provided to you, we provide you with additional calling minutes for that cycle of the package which we are authorized to deduct from your payment method without the compulsion of notifying you. The duration is calculated by taking out the average minutes of usage per day and then multiplying it with the number of remaining days in that cycle. The customer can view or download their previous monthly bill statements from our website "".

3.4 The unlimited plan has a restriction of 4000 calling minutes per month per channel and additional minutes will be charged with different rates for different places. $0.020 per minute for U.S and Canada, $0.020 for U.K and $0.030 for Australia.

3.5 Even if you cancel the service before the completion of the entire duration of your plan, no reimbursement will be made for the months used by you. We only refund the left fund of the remaining months.

3.6 There could be a change in the price of the service(s) or the entire package from time to time without any prior notice. It’s completely on the customer to keep themselves updated with the change in price. You can view the price information under the packages section of our website and the new prices from full effectiveness will supersede all previously agreed prices.

3.7 We only charge you for the duration since when the call is received by either the called party itself in person or when it is attended or responded by an answering machine, a voicemail system or an auto-attendant till one of the parties disconnects the call. However, under certain circumstances where we have to coordinate with foreign carriers which designate a call as "answered" just after a certain number of rings, and if these carriers charge Traverse Telecom, then you will be charged accordingly as for a normal answered call.

3.8 We have complete authority to obtain from any and all credit/debit cards(s) attached to your account of Traverse Telecom without any further authorization, and if as a result of our payment process your payment method becomes overdrawn, you will be solely responsible for the said fee(s). Neither we will reimburse any such fee nor shall we be liable for any harm or loss of yours as a result of our transaction.

3.9 Traverse Telecom reserves the right to dispute any chargeback initiated by you or your bank and in the process, we are free to provide any or all the information we have on file for your account to the chargeback originating bank or financial institution to validate our dispute of the chargeback(s).

3.10 In case of changes such as in the billing address or any personal details or changes in credit/debit card number, the customer will be solely responsible to update them . We also accept payment from PayPal, wire transfer, bank cheques but for that, you must have written approval from our side for making such payments. And in such case one of your official government-issued identification should be made available to us on your account with Traverse Telecom.

3.11 Any payment made to us from unconfirmed or unverified PayPal accounts will be refused or rejected. The PayPal account should be first authenticated and then attached in your account with Traverse Telecom. Payments made other than from credit/debit card(s) will be applied and posted minimum after 24 business hours.

3.12 All the payment are received in U.S currency only and any unused plan minutes of the package will expire at the end of each month and will not be forwarded into the next month for future use. The customer need to consume the plan within the same period. In case, the call minutes are exhausted before its actual duration, we provide extra minutes (top-up) for the remaining days, after charging you for the same. If the customer is unable to use the remaining minutes of the top-up, those minutes will automatically get added in the next month’s plan.

3.13 In all the nations where we provide our service, we only charge the basic price of the package, apart from Canada where a G.S.T of 13 % is levied upon the base price of the package to the customer.

Section 4: Account maintenance and Security

4.1 On availing our facility/ purchasing our plans or being our partners the company will provide you with a unique Id or username and password for easy access to your online account in the Traverse Telecom official website.

4.2 The person or the organization whose name is mentioned in the "Account Holder name" section of our database will only be considered as the one true owner of the account. No other entity named or unnamed, shall have the ownership to the account nor the Service(s) provided therein.

4.3 Neither the ownership nor the services could be transferred to any other party without the consent of the company and in the event of any disputes regarding ownership the sole decision would lie in the hands of the "Traverse Telecom"

4.4 It’s the complete responsibility of the owner to maintain the security and confidentiality of the account, the username, the password at all times and must intimate us immediately in case it feels unauthorized access has been made or the account has been compromised.

Section 5: Cancellation and Restriction Policy

5.1 The customer agrees to use the Service(s) provided by Traverse Telecom for a legal and legitimate purpose, any unlawful or illegal usage will lead to the cancellation or suspension of the account. The service provided should not contravene or be used for transmitting obscene, fraudulent, harassing, defaming or producing deceitful content. Neither the service should be used for "spamming", distributing junk mail, Call blasting, voice broadcasting nor for any kind of telephonic conjurations of any nature.

5.2 In case the customer seeks a plan for individual purpose, any commercial usage from that account is strictly prohibited and may lead to immediate suspension of the account.

5.3 If any use of the Service(s) provided to you interferes in any way with our ability to provide Service(s) and products to our customer it will immediately lead to the cancellation of your service.

5.4 You have no rights to charge services provided to you to the phone numbers assigned to you by Traverse Telecom. Any such activity will give us the right to deduct the amount from your debit/credit card attached to the account and termination or suspension of your account.

5.5 Cancellation of your account with Traverse Telecom is possible only if all the monthly and/or annual fund is paid and there is no outstanding charge on your account. You will be required to intimate us 3 working days beforehand, for all the cancellation processes to be made. In case of monthly packages, no refund will be made for the month on which you cancel our services and you will be liable for all the fees or dues on the account. Only in case of annual packages apart from the month till you request for cancellation of your account, we can make a refund for the remaining months, only if you demand the refund

5.6 We do not provide any scheduled cancellation feature for future and cancellation may be done either by dialing to us on our "Contact Us" number or by writing to us at our email- We’ll get back to you once we receive your mail.

5.7 You should not consider your account canceled until and unless we confirm you about the same. You will receive a confirmation email for your account cancellation.

5.8 You should understand that cancellation of your service, will lead to the assignment of your phone number(s) to another customer. Neither we will be liable for any damages arising out of such reassignment.

Section 6: Free Trial Offer

6.1 Traverse Telecom reserves full rights to increase or decrease the number of days of free trial and it also holds to completely shut down the offer without any prior notification to the customers.

6.2 We also have the complete authority to change the criteria for a customer to fall under the rights to avail the benefits of the free trial.

6.3 Basic criteria that are required but not limited to for the free trial offer are:-
(a) A valid Credit/Debit card should be attached with your account and you should be at least an authorized user if not the owner of the card.
(b) On attaching the card details to your account it should get authorized and approved by your financial institution or bank to whichever the card belongs.
(c) Your email should be verified by us.
(d) Your order should be at least once reviewed manually by any of the staff of Traverse Telecom appointed specially for that purpose.

6.4 By opting for free trial you permit us to initiate an authorization against your credit/debit card’s available balance in an amount equal to the total Monthly/Quarterly/Semi-Annually/Annually cost of the package you choose, and once the trial period expires you will be charged accordingly regardless of whether/or not the Service(s) have been used by them without any authorization of the card, until and unless you seek the demand to replace your card or add a new card for billing(Once a new card is added, it will be billed instantaneously) or if you arrange to cancel the service prior to the termination of the free trial offer.

6.5 The termination of the free trial period does not exclude you from being our client, instead it turns your account into a regular paid account and you will be billed immediately prior to the free trial period which will be completely non-refundable and each recurring month until you continue using the Service(s) and not arrange for the cancellation of the Service(s)

6.6 Once you are eligible to obtain our free trial offer it will be made available to you and it will expire at the end of the stated term or at the exhaustion of the free call time credit given to you, whichever occurs first The free trial call time credit can’t be transferred exchanged or refunded or used to pay any of the charge(s) of Traverse Telecom.

Section 7: Copyright, Trademark and Authorization

7.1 The features provided by us, our services our logos and all the hardware or software everything used under or offered by Traverse Telecom may be protected by trademark, copyright or other intellectual property laws. The customer is only granted a nontransferable, revocable license to use such equipment, firmware or software, information, documents, and materials (without making any modification thereto) strictly in accordance with the terms and conditions of this Agreement, and exclusively for use in connection with the Service. Any equipment, firmware or software, information, documents and materials provided by Provider to Customer pursuant to this agreement shall be included in the Definition of Services.

7.2 These Terms of Service shall not be construed to grant Customer any right to use Provider’s, or its parent company’s or Affiliates’, corporate names, service marks, trademarks, trade names, logos and domain names (collectively "Marks") or otherwise refer to the same in any marketing, promotional or advertising materials or activities. Customer agrees that Provider may identify Customer as a customer of Provider and recipient of the Service(s) for the purposes of marketing Provider’s Services. Further, Customer hereby grants Provider the right to use Customer’s logo/trademark on its website and other material solely for the purpose of advertising the sales by Provider of similar services to third parties.

7.3 We maintain exclusive ownership of the service interest and title along with all the physical properties, the software we manufacture and/or maintained, intellectual property and also maintain sole ownership of all the telephone numbers managed by us.

7.4 We reserve the right not to disclose our carrier/supplier information to you.

Section 8: Audit and Law Enforcement.

Traverse Telecom reserves the right to audit, track or monitor customer’s use of the Service(s) to

(a) enforce the provisions of these Terms of Service;
(b) conform to legal requirements or comply with legal process;
(c) protect and defend the rights or property of ours or any of our partners;
(d) respond to the request for identification in connection with a claim of copyright or trademark infringement, or unlawful activity;
(e) act to protect the interests of customers or such customer’s users;
(f) Conform to Provider’s contractual obligation with any Third Party Vendor; or
(g) provides the Service(s).

Customer agrees that these Terms of Service are sufficient notice to the customer of such monitoring to the extent that any notice won’t be required under applicable federal or state law.

Section 9: Billing Disputes.

In the event Customer disputes any amount billed by Provider, Customer shall notify Provider of such billing dispute by completing and submitting a "Billing Dispute Ticket". The existence of a dispute shall not relieve Customer from paying any amounts already billed. All Customer disputes must be submitted to Provider within thirty (30) days of the billing date or such dispute shall be forever waived. Upon receipt of a billing dispute, Provider shall reasonably investigate the dispute and provide Customer with a resolution based on the outcome of such investigation.

All the legal formalities and disputes resolution process will be sorted either on emails or under the jurisdiction of the Ontario Judicial Council, Canada

Section 10: Directory Listing

10.1 Traverse Telecom under no circumstances publishes directories of any of the numbers owned or managed by them. Neither, we will provide you any support in publishing the phone number(s) in any directory.

10.2 There may be instances when the number(s) you are initialized may be published in some directories or websites, because of the efforts of the previous subscriber(s) of the number. These situations at times are inexplicable and you may even receive calls, and in such conditions, the customer should immediately contact us to cancel the phone number(s) and reassign new phone number(s) to them.

10.3 Traverse Telecom won’t be responsible for any kind of reimbursement or cost associated with the publication of the number(s). The customer will be solely responsible for any costs, fees, damage or losses related to the publication of phone number(s).

Section 11: Vanity and Local Numbers

11.1 In case, the Vanity number or the local numbers chosen by you is not available, immediately it may take 7-9 days for us to assign you that number on your account, and that to will happen as per availability of those numbers in our inventory. We don’t guarantee about 100% availability of all the numbers at all time.

11.2 You should not publish or distribute any Vanity numbers you order until we confirm the assignment of that number to your account and you thoroughly have tested it.

11.3 If your services get canceled for any reason, the Vanity and local numbers assigned to you may be reassigned to any other customer, so we would strongly suggest you measures to make sure that the account gets suspended for no reason.

Section 12: Portability

12.1 Traverse Telecom charges a straight $50 charge per number if you wish to get any number ported to our system. We exercise no control over the time taken for a number to be ported from your previous carrier to us, as it depends entirely on the response time of your carrier. It often takes more than 7-9 days for portability of the number and in case you request to get your number ported fails or declines, we’ll notify you of the same and you can reapply for the transfer.

12.2 To port away any number from Traverse Telecom, you may need to have paid all the dues and charges in full, and there should be no outstanding charge on that number, and we should be requested beforehand and the should have been used at least 90 days by you than only will it be valid for portability.

12.3 A successful port doesn’t mean the termination of entire package or Services(s), apart from that number all the service(s) and feature(s) availed by you will be completely available to you and you will be solely responsible for the fees and charges attached to it.

Section 13: Refund Policy

13.1 We make refunds only in case of annual packages. Upon your request, we will suspend your account and all the Service(s) and number(s) attached to the account and the reimbursement will be made of the remaining months after the month in which the request has been issued by you.

13.2 On the request of refund, funds will be refunded only to the same person or organization whose name is in the primary name list of the account with Traverse Telecom. The refund will be made using the same form of payment that has been used for the purchase of the plans.

13.3 In case payment has been made by a credit/debit card which due to certain reasons no longer has the authority to get back the refund then you shall have to set up a PayPal account and once done you need to inform us so that we can begin the process.

13.4 If, we suspect any fraud payments and we have solid reasons to believe so, Traverse Telecom reserves complete authority to terminate your account without making any refund or reimbursement of any kind.

13.5 No refund will be made under particular circumstances such as non-usage of the service, hung call(s), misdialed calls(s), calls made to wrong numbers(s) or any other activity which increases call volume and/or account usage.

Section 14: Traverse Telecom’s right to limit/terminate user(s)/account(s)

14.1 We reserve the right to limit or terminate the Service(s) we provide without any prior notice for reasons including but not limited to, if any user:
(a) In any way provides false or misleading information about your identity;
(b) hampers our ability to provide service to other customers by his usage of our service.
(c) Uses our service in a way that affects our relationship with our vendors and our ability to offer service(s) to our customer.
(d) Provides false or misleading financial details.
(e) If you constantly express your dissatisfaction with our Service and hinder, in any way, our ability to remedy any issue you may have with our Service.
(f) Interfere in any way with our operation and/or network quality in any way.
(g) Refuse to furnish information requested by us.
(h) Acts in a manner that is threatening, harassing, obscene or otherwise inappropriate and/or abusive towards our representatives.
(i) Have been notified of the outstanding balance, but haven’t paid it for more than 28 days.

14.2 If the customer files for bankruptcy our rights to dissolve this agreement and our services will be guided by bankruptcy law.

14.3 In case of any new governmental regulations and policies we may need to terminate any or all of our service(s) until those norms are met.

Section 15: Communications

15.1 Traverse Telecom notifies its customers via email, by posting notifications on our website, by push notifications from our website, and/or via telephone. We reserve the right to choose the method of communication we employ to communicate with you.

15.2 We will make all reasonable efforts to keep you acquainted with your account status from time to time, yet it is beyond our control to make sure that each and every time you successfully receive our mails or messages and we will not be liable for any harm or loss resulting from it. And, we hold the right to cease altogether all the communication processes anytime, without any prior notice.

15.3 While you can contact us either via email, fax, voicemail and/or postal mail for any of your queries you shall wait for at least 24 hours to receive a response. However the response time may increase or vary depending entirely on the volume of communications we have received. All queries received are dealt in the same order as they are received. If you don’t get any response by the end of the 24th hour, you are strongly advised to reach us on our phone (during working hours) to get your queries addressed. In case you fail to do so, it will be at your own risk and your topic will remain in the queue until handled by our support service.

15.4 When you contact us on phone make sure that you have all the necessary details such as your account number, name on the file of your account and your full billing address along with you, this information could be verified by our representatives and until and unless correct details are provided the representatives won’t be able to entertain your issues or queries.

Section 16: Headings of no force or effect

16.1 The headings throughout the agreement are intended for reference and convenience of the users to get acquainted with the policies governing our services, and have no effect or bearing on the meaning of any listed provision herein.

Section 17: Warranty Disclaimer will make all reasonable efforts, under the circumstances, to maintain its overall network quality. makes no warranties about the service provided hereunder, expressed or implied, including but not limited to any warranty of merchantability, completeness, quality, or fitness for a particular purpose, or any warranty arising due to the usage of trade, course of dealing, or course of performance. Likewise, all services offered by are provided on an "as maybe" and "as available" basis. No fund or credit is reimbursed for interruption of service of any kind. In no event shall be held liable to you nor any third party for any indirect, special, incidental, consequential, actual, punitive, or exemplary damages, including, without limitation to, loss of revenue, reduction of profits, or decline in your client(s) goodwill, arising in any way from this agreement. Neither one of the gatherings shall be held liable for any delay or failure in performance of any part of this agreement, other than for any delay or failure in an obligation to pay money, to the extent such delay or failure is caused by force majeure, comprising of but not limited to fire, flood, explosion, accident, war strike, embargo, civil or military authority, act of god, inability to secure materials or labor, or any other causes beyond their reasonable control. Any such delay or failure shall suspend this agreement until the force majeure ceases and the term shall be extended by the length of the suspension. This agreement supercedes any and all present and future agreements made between you and with respect to quality, up-time, reliability, and general performance. does not warrant the reliability, up-time, quality, and general performance of the services it provides to you. Further, makes no warranty that the service(s) it provides to you will be uninterrupted.

Section 18: Indemnification

18.1 You will shield, repay, and hold innocuous Traverse Telecom, its officers, executives, representatives, and specialists from any break of this Agreement, utilization of Customer’s record or regarding the position or transmission of any message, data, programming or other substance utilizing the Services. Traverse Telecom will be guarded by lawyers of their decision to Customer’s detriment.

Section 19: Severability

19.1 In any case should any part, provision representation or warranty of this Agreement get prohibited or is held to be void or unenforceable, it shall be ineffective to the extent of such prohibitions or unenforceability that doesn’t invalidate the remaining provisions hereof.

Section 20: Additional Clauses

20.1 In case an issue arises you must inform us immediately so that we may find a solution at the earliest and in case, we are unable to find a remedy, you will be offered a replacement phone number, with the same services for free of charge if it is available in our inventory. But in case the number is a premium one or unavailable in the inventory you will have to pay an equal monthly charge. Yet if the customer wants not to change the number and continue the same old number than all the loss or disturbance caused by it will be the responsibility of the user itself.

The customer is responsible for reviewing the T.O.S available on the website for any amendments to this agreement and/or our rates and/or other Service(s) we offer. Your continued use of the Service after the posting of the changes, confirms your acceptance of the amendments made in the agreement, and will supersede all other previous agreement.

20.2 Being a Canada based firm, we observe all Canadian national holidays. The offices remain closed and regular business hours will resume the following day of the holiday period. You can still mail us during that period on our email or call us as soon as our office hours resume.

20.3 You promise that you are of legal age to enter into this agreement and you fully understand and agree with all the terms and conditions.

20.4 All the content on this site is copyright protected and constitutes to our intellectual property and may not be reproduced, adapted or transmitted without the prior written consent of Traverse Telecom.

20.5 This concludes the entire Term of Services agreement between the parties named herein and this agreement can be amended only by Traverse Telecom.

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