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Cloud PBX

We provide all Cloud PBX Solutions to negate the need for an on-premises system. Cloud PBX offers the most flexibility and control, all with an advanced feature set which that is quickly and easily scalable.

Expand your business without having to establish a completely new physical telephony system for your new branch or office. What Cloud PBX (also known as Hosted PBX or Virtual PBX) gives you is freedom from traditional, on premises phone systems. Additional groups, lines extensions can be added instantly.

Cloud PBX reduces hardware, installation and maintenance costs. We have made the UI as simple and intuitive as possible so that you can be up and running and in control with the minimum requirement for training.

Why Traverse Telecom’s Hosted PBX?


Never miss a client, every lead matters! With our Interactive Voice Response service you can welcome and route your callers with a customizable voice that can be configured using our provided GUI.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is also known as Auto Attendant and is a very popular and powerful feature for commercial communication. It is a system that interacts with the caller through pre-recorded voice messages. The caller is provided with a variety of options and is asked to select from a range of options in order to direct them to the correct member of staff or pre-recorded message.

Reduction of human to human contact increases efficiencies and customer experience.

Advantages of Traverse Telecom’s IVR?

Minimum human intervention

IVR reduces call times, queue times and manages departmental call volumes while increasing Customer Service Levels

Cost effective

With greater efficiencies come reduced operational costs.

Call monitoring

IVRs are recorded on both ends for a various purpose which comes handy later on for various reasons.

24*7 availability

The use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has given organizations to be available 24/7, 365 days per year.

Click to Call

The click to call feature is a unique feature provided by Traverse Telecom and is also known as number masking and is used to safeguard the customer’s identity by keeping the phone number of the customer safe and secure.

An API is provided to make a call to the server and from there the call is made to the agent. Once the call is picked up by the agent, the customer is connected to him/her without the number being made available to view.

Click To Call
Fax to Email

Fax to Email

Traverse Telecom’s Fax to Email is exactly that and offers your customers who use Fax as a method of communication, the ability to work in their comfort zone while offering the advantages of having an email created. This feature is also able to convert Email to Fax giving greater flexibility.

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