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Data Centers

Our commitment to Bridging People is built upon the foundation of our data centers. With two in Canada, one in the USA and one in United Kingdom we are able to reliably and securely connect people and organizations all over the World.

Data Centers Plan Details

Basic Machine

Per Month


Features Included
Dual quad core machine
20 TB data transfer

Advanced Machine

Per Month


Features Included
Dual quad core
1 TB + 1 TB, Raid 1 SATA HDD
20 TB transfer data

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We maintain 4 of our Data centers worldwide, so our clients and partners don’t really have the need to maintain a physical database of their own. We provide you some basic plans, but apart from it if you need a customized plan, we are always ready to help you with it.


We provide you with a dual quad-core processor to handle all of your data smoothly.


If your needs are more than that of 8 or 16 GB, you can go with our 32 GB customizable plan.


We can provide you with a fast accessible space of 1 TB + 1 TB, Raid 1 SATA HDD

Data Transfer

You can choose a data transfer speed of up to 40 TB

***All transactions will be processed in US Dollars only***

For any customized requirements, Please Call - 1-888-409-0626

Why Choose Traverse Telecom’s Data Centers?

We provide a fast, powerful and resilient network which gives exceptional connectivity and security ensuring you can work efficiently and effectively with the knowledge that your data is secure.

Traverse Telecom offers you best in class security and compliance within the data center sector and includes 24/7 monitoring and support.

Our data centers operate with (N+1) redundancy as standard meaning there is always a back up available to get you up and running should there be a hardware issue.

We have a power back-up option of 7 days following a 2(N+1) redundancy strategy with our U.P.S, primary generators and secondary back-up generators. Having a stable and robust power strategy has helped us maintain a ZERO downtime metric in the last 24 months.

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