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Call Forwarding

At Traverse Telecom we provide you with a complete call forwarding system. This facility allows clients to call you and it will connect the call to you or to someone else within the company ensuring that each and every call is picked up. Call priority can be set. With facilities such as ACD or concurrent calls, you can make sure no call is missed and that the right call is directed to the right person. This allows calls to be answered quickly and will help distribute call volume.

ACD- Automatic Call Distribution

Manage your callers with ease. Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) allows complete control over the volume of incoming calls.

No client likes to be kept waiting on the line for long. Fast response times establish a positive interaction. Our Advanced ACD has a digital assistant that can answer the call instantly to welcome the clients and offer a user defined pre-recorded menu. Advanced ACD will then take the customer to the preferred department.

Concurrent Calls

Within Call Forwarding, we provide you with ability to distribute the calls but also limit the volume of calls being redirected.

Flexibility in Call-Forwarding

Call Forwarding is one of the most requested and utilized features in the field of telephony and communication. At a point when a call lands on a number that isn't accessible to accept the call, our software routes the call to an alternative number or numbers which can all be defined in the Admin. The key to the successful Call Forwarding platform is flexibility.

When forwarded?

A selection of call types that can benefit from Call forwarding is listed below.


Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) is a service, which has taken on the traditional PBX Telephone system because it is not restricted by the number of physical lines entering the building. With unlimited bandwidth, the number of numbers, lines, and extensions is limitless.

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