How To Buy Canada Toll Free Number Easily

by Traverse Telecom Posted on Thu 10th Oct 2019

buy canada toll free number

Millions of businesses these days use toll free numbers to increase interaction with their customers, getting a toll free number in Canada can prove to be profitable for your business. Toll free numbers are the craze of the business world these days and every business these days has at least one toll free number, some businesses have multiple toll free numbers available for their clients.

There are still many businesses that don’t understand the value of toll free numbers and are hesitant to buy one and if you are a business in Canada we will tell you how you can get a toll free number in Canada easily.

Before we start let’s first see what is a toll free number!

What is A Toll Free Number?

A Toll Free number is a phone number that is billed to for all arriving calls instead of the caller getting charged. To explain in simple words the customers who are calling using the toll free number will not get charged. The business that owns that number will get charged for all the arriving calls.

The calls are always charged per minute and the call costs are very inexpensive compared to landline call charges.

What Is A Canada Toll Free Number? How To Buy A Canada Toll Free Number?

A Canada toll free number is a free number provided to clients by companies so that customers from all over Canada can call them for free. Canada toll free are easy to buy and can be bought online from various Canada toll free number providers, we have discussed everything in detail below.

Every country has its own style of toll free number and as such Canada has its own toll free number prefixes. Let’s see some!

Area Codes Or Toll Free Number Prefixes Used In Canada

Toll Free Numbers In Canada start with 833, 844, 855, 866, 877 or the infamous 1800. 1800 Canadian Toll free number comes with a lot of benefits that we will discuss later in this article.

Canadian toll free numbers not only lets people in Canada use those numbers for free but people from the US and Caribbean can use them as well for free.

Are There Any Advantages Of Using Canada Toll Free Number?

Heck, Yeah! There are tons of advantages of using a Canada toll free number and we will tell you about some of them here. You can read all the advantages of using toll free number in our other blog post that we have linked here for you.

So now as everyone wants to know, what are these advantages? Will they help in business growth and how much do they cost in general and where can we get one of them?

Woah, these are lots of questions in one sentence! So lets first start with advantages.

Easy To Remember

Toll Free numbers are so popular because they are very easy to remember, the numbers usually start with 1800 and the number that follows is in a pattern as well so that users can remember them easily.

Better Reach

Toll free numbers get you noticed in the community and you become more accessible to your customers, thus increasing your reach and gaining more customers.

Brand Image

Numbers starting with 1800 portray professionalism and just by getting a toll free number in Canada you can establish yourself a serious professional business establishment.

You can display your toll free number on your website or your advertisements to look professional and gain brand recognition.

Customer Satisfaction

Customers don’t like getting charged for making a call to the company, so if you are providing a toll free number to your Canadian customers they are more likely to call more frequently and even recommend you to others.

When provided with a toll free number customers tend to talk longer, thus asking more questions, thus getting more answers. This leads to customer satisfaction as the customers got answers to all their questions and are now ready to finally make the decision to buy the product from you or not.

So these were some of the advantages or benefits of using toll free numbers, now let’s see how toll free numbers work!

How Does Toll Free Number Work?

Toll free numbers are often linked to a personal number or a certain office number so that when a customer dials the toll free number the call is routed to the number linked. There are many benefits to this, let’s say if you link your toll free number with your personal mobile phone you can take the call from anywhere while hiding your real number the whole time.

Now that we know everything that is to know about toll free numbers in Canada let’s see how you can easily get a toll free number in Canada and which service provider is best for you.

How To Choose The Right Service Provider For Your Canada Toll Free Number?

Toll free numbers have many advantages to them but getting one at the right price is also important, so make sure you understand what you are looking for in a service provider and then start the search.

We are listing a few things that you should look for in your service provider and only if they match all your requirements you should go with them. Here are some qualities you should look for in a virtual service provider in Canada.

History In The Industry

There are new companies starting everyday and being new they are experienced and most times don’t know what they are doing. So it’s better to look for a company that already has a good user base and has been in the market for some time.

Customer Support

When choosing a company it is important to check if the company has customer support available as well, in the telecom industry most companies offer 24×7 support.


Always check their rates and compare them with 2-3 other companies you are considering. Make sure you get a good rate and if the company is offering discounts or trials then it’s the icing on the cake.


Before buying the toll free number from any provider make sure to check if they provide portability features or not.  IF sometime in future you think about changing the provider you can take the toll free number with you.

Vanity Number

Check if they provide vanity number services or not, Vanity numbers are brandable numbers that providers offer like 1800-Pizza.

How To Buy Canada Toll Free Number From Traverse Telecom?

buy Canada Toll free number

Traverse Telecom is one of the leading telecom service providers in the market, we offer toll free number services for more than 100 countries worldwide.

We offer premium USA toll free numbers, Australia toll free number, UK toll free numbers and many more.

We provide Canada toll free numbers at very affordable rates and you can buy Canada toll free number for as low as $3.7 per month.

Feel free to let us know if you still have some questions in your mind. We offer toll free numbers at very cheap and affordable rates and we provide 24×7 support for all our services as well.

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Are USA toll free numbers free in Canada?

Yes, USA toll free numbers are free to use in Canada as well. USA and Canada share the same toll free numbers because they are in the same numbering plan.

How to dial toll free number in Canada

Toll free numbers are dialed the same way they are dialed in USA. If you are a Canada citizen you can dial the Canada toll free number in the same way you dial all your numbers.

Is 1800 number free to call in Canada?

Yes, 1800 numbers are free to call and thus are free for Canada citizens as well.

How can I get a Canada toll free number?

You can get your first Canada toll free number from Traverse Telecom. Our Canada toll free number plan starts as low as $3.99 per month.

Is it free to call US from Canada?

Yes, It is totally free to call United states from Canada as they share the same toll free numbering plan and you can call Canada from US for free using toll free numbers as well.

Are 1866 numbers free to call in Canada?

Yes, 1-866 numbers are free to call in Canada. Some of the prefixes that are free to call in Canada are 833,844,855,866 and 877.

How much does a Canada toll free number cost?

Canada toll free numbers can cost as low as $4 per month and you can easily buy one from Traverse Telecom.

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