How To Buy A Vanity Number?

by Traverse Telecom Posted on Tue 8th Oct 2019

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Ever heard or seen a number like 1-800-Flowers, 1-800-Pizza and thought how can these be numbers of any business and how exactly can one call these numbers?

These special, easy to remember numbers are called vanity numbers and are a form of toll free numbers that are premium and very very easy to use.

Vanity numbers have been around for over 10 years now and thousands of businesses around the world are taking advantage of vanity numbers to grow their business worldwide.

Vanity numbers are easy to use and come with many additional benefits that can boost the overall growth of your company. Today in this article we will explain what is a vanity number? How vanity number works and how can one dial a vanity number from their phone.

We will also include the benefits of using a vanity number for your business and how you can easily buy your first vanity phone number online.

What Is A Vanity Number?

Vanity phone numbers are premium form of toll free numbers that are super easy to remember. The best way to tell you what a toll free number is by giving you some examples.

Some of the world-famous vanity phone numbers are 1-800-Flowers and 1-800-Battery. If you look closely you will see that both these numbers start with the prefix 1-800 and as all of you know 1800 numbers are toll free numbers, thus vanity numbers are also toll free numbers.

People often think that toll free numbers and vanity numbers are two different things but that is not the case. Vanity numbers are just premium versions of normal toll free numbers.

So, Vanity Numbers Only Start With 1-800?

buy vanity number

No, this is another misconception among people. As toll free numbers for different countries have different codes, vanity numbers of different countries start with different area codes as well.

Like USA or Canada vanity numbers can start with 844,855,866 and 877. 1800 vanity numbers are universal toll free numbers that can be used from any part of the world.

How Does Vanity Number Work?

Vanity numbers work just like any other toll free number. Vanity numbers are free to call and the owner of the vanity number is charged on a per-minute basis.

When you buy your vanity number the operator will ask you for a number where you want all your calls forwarded to.

You can forward all your calls to your office phone number or even your personal phone number.

The call forwarding process is easy and takes less than 60 seconds to configure.

How To Dial A Vanity Number?

The most asked question about vanity number is how to dial a vanity number?

Most people get confused after seeing alphabets in numbers and start wondering how to call the number and today we will tell you exactly how you can dial those numbers.

You must have seen a dialer before and you must have noticed numbers and letters on the dialer. Now all you need to do is press the buttons matching the number and letter.

So if you are dialing 1-800-BATTERY the number you will get is 1-800-2288979.

Vanity Number

I hope now you understand how you can dial the vanity numbers on your phone.

Vanity numbers are the same as toll free numbers and are usually of eleven numbers. So if your number starts by 1-800-xxxxxxx you need seven digit alphabet to form a complete vanity number.

So make sure the word you are going to include in your vanity number is at least seven words long otherwise if the word you are going to use in your vanity number is of five words your number will look like 1-800-xx-Seven.

Benefits Of Using Vanity Number

There are many benefits of using Vanity numbers and we are listing some of them below to give you an idea on why to use a vanity number for your business.

1)Easy To Remember

Vanity phone numbers are very easy to remember and this is the main reason why people prefer vanity numbers over normal toll free numbers.

Vanity numbers like 1800-BrandName tell your customer what your business is about and customers are more likely to call a company with number like this than a company that uses a traditional toll free number.

2) Looks Professional

Vanity numbers are not only easy to remember but they also make your business appear professional in front of your customers.

If you are a small business just starting and wanting to make a name for themselves in the market you can boost your presence by buying a vanity number for your business.

3) Increase Customer Interaction

According to a survey, using vanity numbers can increase the incoming calls by over 200%. Customer interaction with the company increase because of vanity numbers.

You can provide customer support to all these incoming calls and convert them into regular customers of your company.

4) Track Marketing Efforts

Vanity numbers can be used to track marketing efforts as well. You can assign different vanity numbers to different advertisements and track which one gets the best response from the public.

You can use this technique to track which advertisement is doing good and which one is performing poorly and thus tweaking them to get the best results.

So these were some of the benefits of using a vanity number and we will be updating this article on a regular basis to add more benefits in the future so stay tuned.

How To Buy A Vanity Number? Best Vanity Number Provider?

It’s very easy to buy a vanity number online and Traverse Telecom is one of the best vanity phone number providers online.

We provide USA/Canada vanity numbers on our website for very affordable rates. If you wish to buy a vanity number for your business feel free to visit our vanity number page and choose the plan you want and make the payment.

Our tech-savvy tech support team is always ready to assist you in every way possible. We offer customer support on our website via live chat and email. You can contact us 24×7 with any questions regarding VoIP and DID numbers.

Let us know if you have any other questions regarding vanity numbers and if you got all the information you wanted don’t forget to like and share on all social media platforms.

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