How To Call United Kingdom From India

by Traverse Telecom Posted on Mon 13th Jan 2020

Call United Kingdom From India

Every year millions of people from India move to the United Kingdom in search of higher education or a better job opportunity and because of that, they end up getting separated from their family and friends.

We all know how much Indians worry when they can’t communicate with someone for an hour, forget a day! Calling a UK number from India is not so easy and 99% of the people don’t know the correct procedure to dial a UK number from India.

International calling is different from local dialing and this is why you cannot just type the number and press the dial button to make the call. If you follow this procedure, you will be told that the number you just dialed is invalid.

So, now you must be thinking about how you can make a call to international countries from India without getting the “number is invalid” answer. Today we will be discussing how you can make a call from India to the United Kingdom.

We have previously released articles on how to call Dubai from India and how to call South Africa from the USA, try reading these articles to better know about the processes of international dialing and them you will be able to clearly grasp the idea of India to the UK calling.

I am sure that if any of your relatives or friend is in the United Kingdom then he must have gotten a proper UK local number by now for sure because using an Indian number there would be quite expensive.

So now that you know your friends UK number you must be trying to dial it only to be told that the number is incorrect. You know that the number dialed is not incorrect and now must be confused and might be thinking about what to do.

Well, we are here to solve all your problems today! To make a call from India to any international country such as the United Kingdom, you need to follow a set of procedures and steps to successfully make the call.

How To Call An United Kingdom Number From India

Before we reveal the steps, let’s learn about a few keywords that we will be using further in the article. These are essential to make a call from India to the United Kingdom.

1) Exit Code– Every country has its own unique code and to make an international call, you first need to dial the exit code of your own country. India’s exit code is 00.

2) Country Code – Like exit codes, every country has a country code as well. Country code is the Country identifier of the number. Every country out there has its own unique country code and no two country shares the same country code.

3) Area Code – Just like the Country code, every region or state is assigned a unique area code. The UK has more than 611 area codes, you can check all the UK area codes here.

So, now how to dial a UK number from India? Well, follow the procedures given below and you will be able to make a call to the United Kingdom successfully.

To make a long-distance call to the United Kingdom, we first need to find the exit code of India, the country code of the United Kingdom and the UK area codes.

Follow this template to make an outgoing call to the UK from India.

India’s exit code+ United Kingdom (UK )country code+ UK area code+ UK local number

By following the above-given format, you can easily dial a UK number from India. The country code of India is 00, UK country code is 44 and you can find the UK area code from the link given above and then dial the normal UK number.

So the number you need to dial on your smartphone is: 00+44+ UK area code+ UK number.

You will be charged international calling rates for making this call. To avoid international charges, you can take advantage of UK VoIP Plans or UK toll free numbers.

If you are someone who is living in the UK wants their family home to not spend too much money calling daily then you can buy an India virtual phone number for yourself so that whenever someone from India calls your virtual number, they will get charged local rates for making the call.

If you buy an India toll free number, your family and friends will not get charged for making the call at all. You can take advantage of VoIP calling apps as well.

How To Call UK From Other International Countries

So now that we know how to Call the United Kingdom from India, let’s see how to call the UK from other international countries like China, Singapore, and Nigeria.

Call United Kingdom From India

The process is the same, all you need to do is add the exit code of the country you are calling from. Follow the below template if you are calling from outside of UK.

Your Country’s Exit Code+ UK country code (44)+ UK area code + UK phone number

How to call the United Kingdom from China

China exit code (00)+ UK country code (44)+ UK area code + Dubai phone number

How to call the UK from Nigeria

China exit code (009)+ UK country code (44)+ Dubai area code + UK phone number

How to call the UK from Singapore

Singapore exit code (001,008)+ UK country code (44)+ UK area code (4)+ UK phone number

So this was our article on how to call The United Kingdom from India. We will be coming with more informative articles like this in the future. Let us know if there’s any particular guide you want and don’t forget to check out Outbound minute plans.

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