Here’s How A Toll Free Number Can Help Your Job Consultancy Business In 2020

by Traverse Telecom Posted on Tue 19th Nov 2019

toll free numbers for job consultancy

Are you a job consulting business looking for better ways to connect with your international customers and provide customer support to existing ones? Then, a toll free number for your business can help you do both. It can help you connect with your international clients as well as provide customer support.

Sometimes the regular way doesn’t cut it and that is when we start looking for better alternatives. Landline phones are the same, customers get charged every time they make a call to your company and this can slow the number of incoming calls and decrease customer interaction with the company.

A Company cannot just reimburse every customer that calls their helpline for making the call and that is why they needed an alternative and that is where toll free numbers swoop in to help.

Toll free numbers have come a long way in the last 50 years. Toll free numbers are free to call numbers which means you will not get charged for making the call, the company that owns the toll free number is responsible for all the charges.

Toll free numbers are especially good for businesses that deal with long-distance calling and provide customer support to international clients. One such business is overseas job consulting and today we will tell you how buying a toll free number for your business can help you grow at 5x rate and increase customer satisfaction at your company.

Overseas job consultancy businesses are tasked with communicating with the recruiting company as well as the potential employee. Overseas job consultancy organizations also help prospects get jobs in international companies.

Job consultancy acts as a middleman between the two parties and sometimes the communication between all three parties can get quite expensive because of all the international calling and might result in the recruiting company or the potential employee dropping out.

What you need in this case is a way for the two parties to reach you for free and toll free numbers can make that possible.

Suppose, you have a high number of clients from Norway and Australia and your company is based in Canada. Outgoing calls from Norway and Australia to Canada can be quite expensive and might discourage your potential clients from calling your company this is where toll free numbers can help you fix the cost issue.

You can buy Norway toll free number and Australia toll free number for your business and distribute them among your clients so that now when your Norway or Australia customers call you they will not get charged for making the call.

What Is A Toll Free Number And How Do They Work?

I know that I have already given you a brief overview of what toll free numbers are but still let’s have a look.

Toll free numbers are telephone numbers that start with a prefix and then the seven-digit phone number follows. Toll free numbers always start with a prefix and different countries have different prefixes.

The most common and most popular toll free number prefix is “1-800” and since its first use in 1966 people have come to place implicit trust in them.

In the early 2000’s toll free numbers were only used by large trusted corporations and that is why people nowadays consider 800 numbers to be professional and of high trust.

So now you must be wondering how toll free numbers work, right? Let me explain in the simplest words possible.

Toll free numbers take advantage of the call forwarding features to forward all the incoming calls to a business or a personal number of your choice.

When you buy a toll free number for your business, you are asked for your personal number or a business number of your choice where all your calls will be forwarded. When someone calls your toll free number the call will be forwarded to your number of choice and you can receive the call from wherever you are.

There are many ways in which toll free numbers can help a job consultancy business and we are listing some of them below.

We are explaining 5 ways a toll free number can help your job consultancy business get more clients and provide better customer support. Here are some of the benefits of using a toll free number.

Benefits Of Using A Toll Free Number For Your Consultancy Business

1)Easy To Remember

Toll free numbers are business industry favorites because of their easy to remember nature. Never have I ever seen a number so easily memorable than a toll free number.

Toll free numbers usually start with the 1-800 prefix followed with easily memorable seven digits. Toll free numbers are designed to be easy to remember so that once someone lays their eyes on your toll free number they don’t forget it for some time.

If you are running a job consultancy business you can even opt for a vanity phone number to make your number look even premium. Vanity phone numbers look like “1-800-Consultancy” and you can use this number to market your business in the international markets.

2) Free To Call

Toll free numbers are free to call and that’s what makes them perfect for providing customer support. Toll free numbers tend to increase incoming calls and you can use this opportunity to convert them into loyal customers of your business.

You are likely to get more calls from countries you own a toll free number for and you can use this to expand your customer base and target multiple international countries.

3) Improves Credibility

Toll free numbers were mostly used by large corporations only and for that reason garnered a reputation for being professional and credible.

Toll free numbers are for businesses of all sizes, which means any business can buy a toll free number for their business. Toll free numbers help improve credibility and makes your business appear local and professional.

4) Track Marketing Efforts

If you are an overseas job consulting agency you must be using advertising methods to reel in new customers and sometimes it gets too tedious to track all the results and this is where toll free numbers can be of help.

You can buy multiple toll free numbers or create multiple extensions within your existing toll free number and include them in your advertisement campaigns and track your marketing efforts by the number of calls coming on each number.

You can track which country responded the best and which form of advertisement did well in which country and then replicate the results to get even more customers.

5) Improves Customer Satisfaction

Just by owning a toll free number you are providing your customers a way to reach you anytime for free. Toll free numbers are used for customer support because of their easy to remember and free to call features.

Buying a toll free number for your business tells your customers that you care and customers appreciate even the little things companies do to better accommodate them. Toll free numbers help increase engagement rates thus improving customer satisfaction.

According to a survey conducted recently, a company providing customer support is likely to do better in sales than a company without any customer support department.

So these were some of the benefits of using a toll free number for your job consultancy business. Now that you know how toll free numbers can help your business, you must be wondering how to buy one right? Here you go!

How To Buy A Toll Free Number For Your Overseas Job Consulting Business

There are thousands of toll free number providers online but only a few of them are worth their salt. When it comes to toll free number providers you need to be picky and make sure that you choose a provider that’s with you in the long run.

We here at Traverse Telecom take pride in being the best in the telecommunication industry and we have been providing services like VoIP and toll free number for over 10 years now.

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