Learn How Toll Free Numbers Can Help Your Flower Business In 2020

by Traverse Telecom Posted on Thu 17th Oct 2019

toll free number for flower business

Are you running a flower business that gets daily customers from all over your country? Are you looking for ways to expand your business even more and provide a way to your customers to call more efficiently? Then buying a toll free number for your business could be the answer to all your questions.

I am sure that you have heard about toll free numbers before and if you haven’t then no problem, today we will tell you all about toll free numbers and how it can help your flower business in 2020.

Toll free numbers as the name portrays are free to call for callers, they don’t need to pay any charge for making the call. Businesses who buy the toll free number are charged on a per-minute basis for all the calls received.

Toll free numbers have many hidden advantages that most of the businesses are unaware of and that is why today we will tell you the advantages of using a toll free number for your flower business and also how it can help you expand your business even more.

What Is A Toll Free Number And How Toll Free Number Works?

Toll free numbers are called local numbers or free number because of the nature of the number.

Toll free numbers are free to call, which means if you dial a toll free number you will not be charged for making the call no matter how long the call lasts.

The owner of that number has to bear all the call costs so that their customers can have a seamless calling experience.

All the incoming calls on your toll free number are forwarded to a number of your choice so that you can attend all your business incoming calls from anywhere and on any office or a personal number of your choice.

Toll free numbers are easy to use, easy to remember and free to call and these are the three qualities because of which the popularity of toll free numbers have grown so much in the last 10 years.

toll free number for flower business

How Can Toll Free Numbers Help Your Flower Business?

So now the question going on your head must be how can toll free numbers help your flower business and how can you take advantage of toll free numbers to expand your business and get new clients.

Before finding the answers for all these questions you need to understand why your business even needs a toll free number in the first place, so let’s cover that part first.

Flower business industry has seen rapid growth in the last 5 years and the trend of ordering flowering for celebrations as well as grieving have become a norm now.

No matter what the occasion, people love ordering flowers, if it’s their birthday, their marriage or anniversary people are sure to order flowers and this is why many new flower businesses are opening up every day and because of this competition in the flower industry is increasing.

If you are also a Flower businessman then I am sure you are aware of the increasing competition and you need to take advantage of every opportunity to expand your business and you can do the same using toll free numbers.

People are more likely to call businesses using toll free number rather than businesses using normal phone numbers. Toll free numbers are free to call and this is why they attract more callers and you can use this opportunity to turn them into loyal customers of your company.

You can use toll free numbers to provide customer support on your website as well so that if any of your customers face any problems with the quality of flowers or flower delivery they can call your business at any time of the day.

Now, let’s see the advantages of using toll free number for flower business and how it can help you achieve greatness in the flower business industry.

Advantages Of Using Toll Free Number For Your Flower Business

1)Easy To Remember

Toll free numbers are a set of 11 digit phone numbers that usually start with 1800 and this is why toll free numbers are called 1800 numbers as well. Toll free numbers have a set pattern in them which makes them very easy to remember.

People passing by your office or seeing your toll free number on banners or advertisements are more likely to remember toll free numbers than normal phone numbers.

Toll free numbers for different countries have different prefixes like Canada toll free numbers usually start with prefixes like 844,855,866, etc and USA toll free numbers share the same prefixes as Canada.

2) Free To Call

As we already told you earlier, toll free numbers are free to call. So, if you buy a toll free number for your flower business expect to receive more calls than usual.

Using a toll free number for your business guarantees more calls than usual and you can take advantage of this opportunity to turn them into customers.

3) Increases Brand Reach

By getting a national toll free number you have now increased your reach to the whole nation, now people from whole country can call your business for free.

If your business can handle nationwide delivery you are sure to double your customer base in no time.

4) Improves Brand Value

Toll free numbers were mostly used by large enterprises and because of this toll free numbers now carry brand value. If you are a business just starting then you can take advantage of this to increase the brand value your business.

By buying a toll free number for your business you can make your business appear like a brand and we all know how becoming a brand can help your business grow.

5) Expand Business Hours

Now, you don’t need to be present 24×7 at your office to receive orders the whole day. You can expand your business hours by buying a toll free number for your flower business.

Even when you are relaxing at your home, customer calls will be coming with new queries and new orders. By increasing business hours you are able to receive national/international orders which can help you grow your business.

6) Quality Customer Support

Toll free number is the number one medium of providing customer support, with our toll free number you can take calls 24×7 and answer all your customer’s queries or problems.

So these were some of the benefits of using toll free number for your business. If you are running a flower business with daily customers you should buy a toll free number for your business today.

toll free number for flower business

If you are wondering where to buy your first toll free number from you can check our toll free number plans on our website. We offer toll free number plans of 90+ countries and we guarantee best rates and best customer support from our side.

So, what are you waiting for? Go and buy a toll free number for your business today and let us know how it affected your business. We are always available and you can contact us using the live chat feature on our website.

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