How To Buy India Toll-Free Number?

by Traverse Telecom Posted on Tue 1st Oct 2019

Buy India toll free number

Toll free numbers are usually called free numbers and are widely used by businesses of all sizes. Toll free numbers provide a competitive advantage to every business that uses it and today we will talk about India toll free number and how your business can gain Indian customers using Indian toll free numbers.

Toll free numbers are widely used by business organizations these days to provide their customers a way to call them without getting charged. Business organizations are noticing a rapid growth in their sales after they start using toll free numbers.

Toll free numbers are widely available for 90+ countries worldwide and one can easily buy a toll free number for their business online.

If someone wants to gain US customers they can buy USA toll free number or if someone is looking to expand in Canada they can buy Canada toll free number and the same way if someone wants to expand their business in India they can buy Indian toll free numbers.

What Is India Toll Free Number?

India Toll Free Number

India toll free numbers are toll free numbers available exclusively for India. Indian toll free numbers are meant to be used by Indian citizens only and the number can be local as well as international.

Local India toll free numbers are used to call the local businesses of India. without getting charged. Local toll free numbers can be used to reach companies operating from Indian cities.

International India toll free numbers are used by organizations that are operating from outside of India and thus need to provide a number to their Indian customers to reach them anytime they want.

What Does A India Toll Free Number Look Like?

India toll free numbers start with the prefix “1800” whenever you see a number starting with 1800 in India you can assume that the number is a toll free number and if you call that number you will not be charged for making the call.

International companies these days are providing numbers starting with “1860”, this number is not toll free but most people refer to them as toll free because it starts with “18xx”.

1860 are premium numbers offered by companies so that Indian customers can reach them whenever they have any product related questions.

When someone dials an 1860 number they are charged local rates and the company that owns the number is charged the premium long-distance rates.

How Does India Toll Free Number Work?

Indian toll free numbers work the same way every toll free number works, when you buy any Indian toll free number you are asked to provide a number where all the incoming calls of that toll free number will be forwarded.

So basically when a customer calls the Indian toll free number the call will be forwarded to the number specified by the company and they will be able to receive calls on any personal or office number they wish.

Using toll free number the owner call receive the call on any number he wants and can attend the call even while moving by forwarding all the calls to his personal number.

Advantages Of Using India Toll Free Number?

1)Easy To Remember

India toll free numbers are easy to remember and easy to use, easy to remember numbers leave a footprint in people’s mind if they see the number even once.

So when a customer is looking for a company they will immediately remember your number and are most likely to call your business first to enquire about the rates and services.

This way you can easily get a customer for your business without spending on any marketing efforts.

2) Appear like a brand

Earlier toll free numbers were only used by large enterprises and because of this toll free numbers started getting recognized as brand numbers.

Toll free numbers are now available at cheap rates and even small businesses can afford toll free numbers for their customers. Small businesses that are just starting can take advantage of this to gain brand value because using toll free number makes your business appear like a brand thus getting more traction from local audiences or customers.

3) Sound Like A Brand

Toll free numbers not only makes you appear like a brand but it makes you sound like a brand as well.

Toll free numbers are easy to remember and premium toll free numbers aka vanity phone numbers can make your company sound premium and lavish.

If you are running a pizza business you can buy a premium India vanity number like 1800-Pizza, if you have a carpenter business you can buy vanity number 1800-carpenter.

4) Track marketing goals

Many people don’t know this but you can track marketing goals using toll free numbers as well. If you are a company in India that does marketing campaigns very often you can use toll free numbers to track how your marketing campaigns are doing.

You can assign different toll free numbers to each of your campaigns and track which campaign is doing good by checking the number of calls received on that number.

5) Increases Customer Satisfaction

Toll free numbers are often used by companies to provide customer support to their customers. When customers call the toll free number they don’t get charged and because of this customers tend to call more frequently and talk longer.

This increases customer interaction which then leads to customer satisfaction and satisfied customers are more likely to return and buy more and recommend the service to their friends and family as well.

So these were some of the benefits of using India toll free numbers but let’s see what type of companies can use toll free numbers in India.

Companies That Can Take Advantage Of India Toll Free Number


Yes, you read it right! Even startups can take advantage of using toll free numbers. If you are a startup in its early phases struggling to find the first few customers you can buy a toll free number for your company and reap its benefits as well.

Toll free numbers greatly benefit new startups, toll free numbers will make startups appear like brands and this will improve their presence in the market thus getting some early customers for their company.

2) Home-based business

Every business doesn’t need a physical office, there are many businesses that can be operated from home as well. India is the country with most home-based businesses, many small companies are operating from their home because they don’t need extra office space to grow their business.

Small businesses like papad business, achaar business, flower business in India are being operated from home and they can benefit from using India toll free numbers as well.

If your business has customers then toll free numbers can prove a great help for your business and in case home-based business.

3) E-Commerce

If you are running an e-commerce business over the web you should get a toll free number for your business as soon as you can.

Advertising toll free number on your website makes your site look professional and provides your customer a way to contact you.

E-Commerce businesses most of the time don’t have a physical office or address and that is why you need to provide your customers to contact you whenever they face any problems with your products or have some questions to ask.

4) Large Enterprises

If you are a large enterprise then chances are that you are already using toll free numbers and if by any chance you are not then why the hell not?

If you are a multi-million company operating from India you should buy toll free number for your Indian customers as soon as possible.

Chances are that you have thousands of clients and providing toll free numbers to your customer can improve customer interaction and customer satisfaction or your business.

How To Choose The Perfect India Toll Free Number Provider Online?

Toll free numbers are easily available on the web and there are thousands of India toll free number providers online.

Now the questions is which Indian toll free number provider to choose? What qualities show you look for in an ideal toll free number provider?

We will be discussing this thoroughly today and I am mentioning few things you should check in a toll free number provider before you buy your first India toll free number from them.

1)History In The Industry

There are thousands of toll free number providers online and every many news ones are starting and its making it even harder to find the perfect service provider.

Always check how long a company has been operating and how many customers it has served. You can find this information in the about us page of most of the companies.

2) Toll Free Number Plans

Ever online provider has different plans for India toll free numbers, some are cheap and some are expensive. You need to find a provider that is neither too cheap nor too expensive for you.

Make sure to compare plans between different providers to see which provider has better plans and make sure to check if they are providing any additional services with India toll free number or not.

3) Customer Support

Customer support is a big factor when you are looking for a toll free number provider online. Make sure the provider you are thinking of buying a toll free number from provides customer support on their website in the form of live chat or email so that you can contact them whenever you face any problem.

4) Portability

Make sure the provider you are going to choose provides the number portability feature. If you ever decide to move between providers in future you need number portability so that you can take the number with yourself.

Which is The Best India Toll Free Number Provider?

Before we reach the conclusion on finding the best India toll free number provider there are multiple factors we need to consider.

Should we choose an International brand or buy an Indian toll free number from an Indian provider? This is the biggest question for everyone right now.

My answer to this is, go with one that you think meets all the above requirements and it doesn’t matter if the company is located outside India or inside India.

The only thing that matters is that you get the best deal with the best services. Make sure you choose a provider that offers international toll free numbers for all the countries like Australia toll free number, UK toll free number and Japan toll free number.

Why Choose Traverse Telecom As Your Next Toll Free Number Provider?

Buy India toll free number

Traverse Telecom has been offering telecom services for over 10 years now and have more than 100 clients worldwide. We offer 24×7 live support on our website in the form of live chat and email.

If you are looking for India toll free number Traverse Telecom should be your first choice. We offer India toll free number at affordable rates and we also provide additional features like call forwarding, call recording, and call routing.

Our India toll free number plan starts at $21.58 per month (charged annually). We have exclusive phone numbers for the state of New Delhi, Hyderabad, Mumbai etc.

If you want to buy toll free number for India go to our India toll free number page and choose the plan that suits you the best and make the payment.

After you checkout, it takes less than 60 seconds to configure and activate the toll free number, which means you can start using your toll free number as soon as you buy it.

Let us know if you have any doubts related to this article and feel free to chat with our customer support executive using our live chat feature to get more information about India toll free number and don’t forget to check our article on how to call India from the US.


How to call Indian toll free number from the US?

Dial 011 exit code from the US phone, now dial 91 and then dial 800 and then dial the seven-digit number that follows to call India toll free number from the US.

How to call India toll free number from UK?

Dial 00 the exit code of UK, now dial 91 the India code and then dial 800 followed by the seven-digit number to call India toll free number from the UK.

How to call India toll free number from Australia?

Dial 0011 the exit code of Australia, then dial 91 (India country code) then dial 800 followed by seven-digit phone number to call India from Australia.

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