Learn How To Port Your Toll Free Number To Traverse Telecom

by Traverse Telecom Posted on Tue 24th Dec 2019


Tired of dropped calls and bad voice quality on all incoming calls? Not satisfied with your current toll free number provider? Thinking of switching to a new toll free number provider and looking for number porting services? Then you are at the right place.

Traverse Telecom is considered one of the best toll free number providers and we provide number porting services as well. If you are unsatisfied with your existing provider you can port your number to our system and keep enjoying your toll free number at cheaper and affordable rates.

Toll free numbers are regarded as brand numbers which means it represents your brand on the global level. Toll free numbers easy to use, easy to remember and easily accessible from every part of the world and as a result, every customer of yours will remember your toll free number by heart and the loss of your toll free number can mean a substantial loss to your business.

You should not lose a number you have been using for years just because of your bad telecom provider. If you have a number that is important for your business and you want to keep the ownership of it while changing providers then you should choose our number porting service to port your existing toll free number to Traverse Telecom.

In this article, we will be discussing how porting a number works and how you can port your existing toll free number to Traverse Telecom. These methods can be used to port every type of toll free number, may it be 800 number or any other country-specific toll free number.

How Toll Free Number Porting Works

Toll free number porting is very common and can take up to 15-30 days in some cases. The porting process is very complex and that is why you should always understand how the number porting process works before actually starting the number porting process.

It is often advised to stick with your current toll free number provider to avoid number downtimes but if you are with a provider that is neglecting his tasks with your number and is giving crappy services than you can choose to port your number to a new toll free number provider.

So now you must be interested in knowing how toll free number porting works, right? Here it goes.

Number porting is a very complex process but if you understand how it works then it is quite simple.

In the event of a toll free number porting, the new provider needs to notify the existing provider. Traverse telecom will give you a Letter of authorization that you need to fill the form and include all your details and ownership documents and once done, you need to send the LOA to your new provider.

This authorizes your new provider to act as “RespOrg” in the whole process and get the process going. Now your new provider will communicate with your existing provider and the governing body to get the number ported.

This process can take upwards of 15 days and you should be patient while the number porting process is completed. You should not request number porting services frequently as its harmful for your business and if you do it often, the governing body or your provider has the right to deny the porting process.

How To Port Your Toll Free Number With Traverse Telecom?

So now you know how toll free number porting works, it’s time to see how you can port your number with Traverse Telecom.

If you choose Traverse Telecom to be your next toll free number provider, we will be happy to port your number to our current system and you can enjoy our cheap and affordable rates and the 15+ additional features that come bundled with the package.

We have already explained the process above so we will try to keep it short over here.

1)Pay all your dues with your current toll free number provider so that he releases your number.

2) Now visit Traverse Telecom and submit a number porting request using our contact form or contact our customer support team using the live chat feature.

3) Our customer support team will explain the full process to you and you will be provided a Letter of authorization which you need to fill and submit back to Traverse Telecom.

4) Now Traverse Telecom will communicate with the governing body (FCC) and your current provider to get the process started.

5) The process may take 15-30 days, so stay patient and we will notify you as soon as the number gets ported.

6) Now you can start using your number with Traverse Telecom and enjoy all our perks and benefits.

Toll free number porting process might take time but your number will use usable while the porting process continues. This means you can still use your toll free number while the porting process is going on.

So, this is how you can port your toll free number with Traverse Telecom and we will be updating this article on a daily basis. If you have any questions or suggestions regarding this article, feel free to contact us using our live chat or email us at connect@traversetelecom.com.

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