How To Buy A 800 Number?

by Traverse Telecom Posted on Thu 3rd Oct 2019

how to buy 800 number

800 numbers are called toll free numbers and is widely used by businesses to distribute among their customers so that the customers can call the business without getting charged and today we are going to see how you can buy 800 number online.

Toll free numbers are very popular among businesses these days, toll free numbers have become the face of businesses. Companies like Dominos and Justdial have taken advantage of premium toll free numbers to boost their sales and improve their brand value.

Toll free numbers are easy to remember and easy to use and you can buy one online easily. We have already written guides on how you can buy USA toll free number and buy Canada toll free number on our blog and if you want you can check them out.

Toll free numbers start with prefix numbers and these prefix numbers vary depending on the country like USA/Canada has a prefix like 844,855,866 and France toll free numbers start with prefix of 805.

The most popular toll free number prefix is 800 or you can also say 1800, these two are most widely used and most popular of all the toll free number prefixes and sometimes people pay extra in order to buy toll free numbers starting with these prefixes.

What Is A Toll Free Number?

A toll free number is a number that is free to call and this is why it’s also called free number by many. The customers or general public calling the number will not be charged for making the call, but the person who owns the number will be charged per minute for the duration of the call made.

Toll free numbers are mostly used for business purposes but can also be used for residential needs. If the business is product-oriented and is going to have clients in the future the company needs to provide customer support for those customers as well and this is where the toll free numbers shine the most.

Why 800 Toll Free Number?

how to buy 800 number

800 toll free numbers are mostly desired because 800 numbers are premium toll free numbers and can increase the brand value of any organization.

800 toll free numbers available for every country, like country-specific 844,805 toll free numbers they are not country-specific and that is why there’s a huge demand of 800 toll free numbers.

800 numbers are easily available online and you can buy one for your business from toll free number providers online. There are many toll free number providers online and today we will tell you how to buy a 800 number in detail.

Benefits Of Using 800 Numbers Online?

There are many benefits of using 800 numbers and we will be mentioning some of them in this post today.

1)Easy To Remember

Toll free numbers are easy to remember but people are more likely to remember 800 numbers because of their popularity and wide usage.

People prefer 800 numbers for their company because they want to enjoy the legitimacy that 1800 numbers provide to their business.

2) Increases Brand Value

Some of the top companies of the world like Dominos, Apple, McDonald’s use 1800 numbers for their company and because of this, the 800 numbers have gotten popular among customers.

Having an 800 number in 2019 means an increase in brand value and more recognition for the company and this is why every business these days wants to own an 800 number.

3) International Dialing

1800 numbers are international numbers and can be called from any country. Unlike local numbers, 1800 numbers are accessible worldwide and can be used to reach a global audience.

4) Increase In Sales

800 numbers not only are easy to remember but also increase brand value and brand presence in the market. An 1800 toll free number is enough to captivate the mind of customers worldwide.

If people see that your brand uses an 1800 number they are sure to call at least once and you can use that opportunity to turn them into customers.

According to a survey conducted recently, people are drawn towards company using an 1800 number and because the calls are free most of the time general public ends up calling the number with some inquiries and if they like the business they end up becoming their customers.

Where To Buy An 800 Number?

how to buy 800 number

There are thousands of toll free number providers online that provide toll free numbers for international countries like Japan toll free number, Thailand toll free number and more.

Now the questions arise that which provider to choose and how to buy an 800 number online.

You can read how to buy India toll free number post to find how you find the perfect toll free number provider for yourself.

Traverse telecom offers international toll free numbers for over 90+ countries and you can get one easily from our website by visiting our toll free number plans page.

Why Buy Your First 800 Number From Traverse Telecom?

Traverse Telecom has been offering telecom services online for over 10+ years and we pride ourselves in providing the best quality services and highest quality customer support.

We offer VoIP services, DID numbers and Vanity number services on our website. We are trusted by over 100+ clients worldwide and our clients have given us a rating of 4.8 out of 5 and I must say we are proud of what we do.

So if you are looking to buy your first 800 toll free number, Traverse Telecom should be your first choice.

I hope you got all the information you wanted regarding 1800 toll free numbers and if you face any problems while buying 800 numbers from our website feel free to use the live chat feature on our website to contact us.

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