5 Tips To Save Yourself From Internet Fraud And Scammers

by Traverse Telecom Posted on Wed 11th Dec 2019

Inmternet Fraud

Since the invention of the Internet one thing that’s been evolving at a constant rate is “Internet Fraud” or online scams. Millions of people worldwide have fallen victim to these internet frauds and lost millions, if not billions of dollars.

Internet fraud has become a security risk for everyone and everyone is trying to take countermeasures in their own way but it’s not that easy to save yourself from these Internet fraudsters. If it was, the era of “Internet scammers” would have been over a long time ago.

Internet scams have increased to a point where even the Federal Bureau Of Investigation is concerned and ready to take action. Every day people and enterprises are getting defrauded of millions of dollars worldwide and getting nothing in return.

Internet Fraud

For people who got scammed, there is no law, no justice or no reimbursement of any kind. Once you get scammed there are very thin chances of you getting your money or data back.

Internet fraud or scam can be of many types and it doesn’t involve money every time. The end goal is always money for them but it can start in many ways and that is why you need to be ready every time to protect yourself from external online attacks.

Christmas is coming soon and the number of external attacks from scammers and Internet fraudsters increases in this time span. Fraudsters try to take advantage of this jolly time to empty your pockets and just because you are in a good mood in the festival season you don’t pay much attention and fall victim to these attacks.

Today we will be discussing how you can safeguard yourself from these types of attacks and have a jolly merry Christmas with your family and friends.

In this post, we will be discussing the types of attacks by scammers online and what countermeasures you can take to guard yourself.

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5 Tips To Safeguard Yourself From Falling For Internet Fraud

1)Stay Up To Date

Staying up to date with the newest technologies can help you identify scams when they come your way. By identifying a scam in its early stages you can safeguard yourself from future incoming attacks and employ countermeasures to save yourself as well as expose the scammer.

To stay up to date with the latest scientific inventions and technologies you can read Internet blogs and search for “current Internet scams” and you will be provided the latest list of popular ongoing scams.

You can filter scams by your area or country as well to know which types of scams have been happening in your area and what measures you can take to make sure you don’t end up as their next victim.

2) Never Share Your Personal Information

Sharing your personal information is always the number one cause of getting scammed online. People are always advised to not share anything personal on social media or the Internet because you never know who is on the other side of the computer.

Once a fraudster or scammer gets hold of your confidential personal information, they can easily gain access to your bank accounts, social media accounts and more and cause you monetary losses.

It is advised that you should only surf safe and secure websites that you trust and never share passwords of your accounts and never disclose private information to a stranger online.

3) Avoid Telecallers

Telephone scams have increased a lot in the last five years because of an increase in the rise of mobile phone users and the easy accessibility of the Internet all over the world.

Every year thousands of cases are being reported on how they got scammed over a telephone call and now they don’t have access to their computer or even their bank accounts and how they lost all their money online.

The one rule to follow in these cases is that you should never trust a telecaller. Always verify who you are talking with on a phone call and if the other side seems even a little bit suspicious you should cut the call immediately, try to verify the CLI of the caller using apps like Truecaller to find their identity.

There are many types of telephone scams going on where people will impersonate companies or even famous persons to extort money from you. Whenever you share your phone number or your identity online, a record is generated and that record is often shared with multiple entities and if I fraudster or scammer gets hold of those details they can contact you with lucrative offers in order to scam you.

You must have received calls saying “You won a million-dollar” or “You just won a free cruise”. Don’t trust anything that sounds too good to be true and try to stay away from them.

Banks will never call you for your bank account numbers, passwords or even your OTPs, so whenever someone asks you about this information you should understand that it’s a scammer on the other side.

You should Google “common telephone scams” to educate yourself on the ongoing telephone scams all over the world.

4) Always Track Your Finances

You should always track your finances to make sure everything is good and all your money is there. Sometimes scammers can use phishing techniques to steal money from you without you ever knowing and that is why you should never click unknown links.

Track your finances to check if any money was deducted without your consent and if you see any changes you should immediately report it to your bank and higher authorities. You can also opt for a chargeback so that you get your money back from those scammers.

Activate account alerts so that whenever any money gets deducted from your amount you get an immediate message informing you about the deduction so that you can take immediate steps.

5) Increase Your Security

Someone wise said that “Prevention is better cure” which means it’s better to stop something in its early tracks rather than attending to the damage after it had happened.

In the case of online intrusions, additional security can help detect incoming attacks and safeguard your system from any malicious code or program.

Online fraudsters often attack personal computers using malware or ransomware to gain access to the system and then demand money from the owner. Using antivirus programs and activating firewall can help safeguard your system from foreign attacks.

One rule you should always live by in the online world is that you should never click an unknown link or link to any lucrative offers. This is just to lure you in to scam you in the future.

So these were my 5 tips on how you can safeguard yourself from Internet fraudsters and scammers. The number of scammer and fraudsters increase during festive days, so make sure to pay extra attention to everything that you do online.

Have a Merry Christmas and Happy new year in advance from our team here at Traverse Telecom. Have a happy holiday!

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